Frequently Asked Questions


How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?


- 21

What information do I need to provide Dream Rentals of San Antonio to rent a vehicle?


- Drivers License. (US or International)

- Passport. (International clients only)

- Proof of valid insurance. 

- Valid major credit card for initial deposit (two credit cards for international clients)


- Dream Rentals of San Antonio reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone for any reason.


Does Dream Rentals of San Antonio cater to an international clientele?


- Yes.


- Se habla español.

- Mówimy po polsku.

- Мы говорим на русском.


Do I have to leave a security deposit?


- In some cases...Yes.


- Initial security deposit amounts range from $2,000 to $10,000 and are determined by several factors, including, but not limited to:


- Vehicle

- Rental dates

- Renters level of insurance

- Drivers history


- Initial security deposits are returned to renter 3-5 business days from the end of the rental.  The amount returned to the renter is determined by a post-rental 100 point inspection (mechanical, cosmetic, interior, exterior).  Should there be any damage to the vehicle that was not present pre-rental, the amount that is required for repair will be deducted from the initial deposit. See "What happens if I damage the vehicle?" below for more information.


Can I pay cash for the rental?


- Clients can only pay cash for the period of the rental.  Credit card transaction is required for the initial deposit for advanced reservations.


Do I lose the deposit or payment if I have to cancel the reservation?



- Should you have to cancel your reservation, Dream Rentals of San Antonio will retain 100% of the initial payment of the rental for inconvenience and scheduling.

What level of insurance do I need to rent a vehicle from Dream Rentals of San Antonio?

- Clients are required to have full insurance coverage (liability, comprehensive, collision, property damage, bodily injury). Depending on the vehicle, your "Property Limits" may vary from $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 per incident. Dream Rentals of San Antonio  reserves their right to refuse service to anyone. We may also require you to increase your coverage limits when deemed necessary. 


- Should the client not have full insurance coverage, the initial deposit amount will be increased and the client will be required to purchase an additional insurance provision from Dream Rentals of San Antonio.  Cost for this will be determined by Dream Rentals of San Antonio at time of rental.

Do I have to pick up the vehicle?

- Dream Rentals of San Antonio offers delivery to clients in San Antonio and the other surrounding areas for an additional cost. 

Do I have to drop the vehicle off after the rental is over?

- Dream Rentals of San Antonio offers pickup of the rental vehicle for clients in San Antonio and the other surrounding areas for additional cost.


Can I rent a vehicle for an hour? A day? A couple days? A week? A month?

- No. Yes. Yes. Yes.


- Call Dream Rentals of San Antonio and let us know how long you need the vehicle for and we will make it happen! Check out the Rates page for more details on how much each vehicle rents for!

How many miles can I drive the rental?

*Per 24, 12 and 4 hour bookings, the client is allowed 100 miles. Once the limit is met an added $1.50 PER ADDITIONAL MILE will be charged. 

*2015 BMW i8 will be an added $2.25 PER ADDITIONAL MILE.

- Dream Rentals of San Antonio reserves the right to adjust mileage allowances.

What happens if the vehicle gets damaged?

- Prior to rental, the renter will be given a walk around of the vehicle to provide them with notice of faults, if any, with the vehicle.  Upon return of the vehicle from renter to Dream Rentals of San Antonio  there will be another walk around conducted to compare pre and post rental state of the vehicle. 


- Should the vehicle sustain damage during the rental period, the renter is required to immediately contact a Dream Rentals of San Antonio representative.  


- Renter is solely responsible for any and all damage to the vehicle during the rental.  The renter will be billed for those damages and encouraged to contact their insurance provider to file a claim for reimbursement.  


- If the cost of the damage is less than the amount of the initial deposit, the renter will receive the remaining balance of that deposit after the funds have been allocated toward the repair of any and all damages incurred by renter. (see security deposit FAQ above)


- If the cost of the damage is more that the amount of the initial deposit, the renter will not receive any of the deposit back.  The renter will be responsible for all of the additional incurred cost of any and all damages to the vehicle over the initial deposit amount.

What about traffic citations?

- Dream Rentals of San Antonio is not responsible for driver conduct in the vehicle.  Should a renter receive a moving violation of any kind, the renter is required, by contract, to inform Dream Rentals of San Antonio of such citation.  Dream Rentals of San Antonio also takes no responsibility for driver conduct and encourages safe driving by all renters at all times.  Renters are required by law to follow all traffic laws.  


- Violations such as parking tickets or photo enforced red light violations are subject to penalty against registered vehicle.  In such case, renter will be fined by Dream Rentals of San Antonio the amount of the violation.  Should the renter fail to disclose any and all traffic violations received for our registered vehicle during time of rental, the renter will be fined double the amount of the violation and possibly banned from future rentals from Dream Rentals of San Antonio.


- Should the vehicle be towed for reasons of renter error or violation, renter will be responsible for double the amount of the towing charge.  We encourage proper parking at designated marked locations for motor vehicles.

What about cell phone use in a Dream Rentals of San Antonio vehicle?

- It is against Texas law for operators of a motor vehicle to use a handheld device (i.e. cell phone) to text.  Although, it is currently not illegal to for operators to use a cellular device to place a call, we encourage drivers of Dream Rentals of San Antonio vehicles to refrain from using said devices.  Each vehicle is equipped with frequency monitoring technology which distinguishes if calls and or text messages are outgoing.  


- When a renter sends text messages while driving a Dream Rentals of San Antonio vehicle, he or she is putting our vehicle and other motorists at risk.  Should Dream Rentals of San Antonio determine that a cellular device was in use during the rental, Dream Rentals of San Antonio reserves the right to charge a penalty for the use against the initial deposit.

Are there any places I cannot go in a rental?

- Each Dream Rentals of San Antonio vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring unit.  Vehicles are not permitted at the following locations:


* Racing venues

* Offroad terrain

* Out of the State of Texas, unless otherwise granted permission by Dream Rentals of San Antonio

* Car washes


- Should Dream Rentals of San Antonio determine that vehicles were driven at any of the above mentioned locations, Dream Rentals of San Antonio will remotely disable the vehicle and reserves the right to immediately terminate the rental, withhold the complete initial deposit  and retrieve the vehicle from the renter.


How clean should the car be when I drop it off?

- We ask all renters to be conscious and courteous of our vehicles.  Please refrain from eating, drinking, and any other activity which may cause damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicles.  


- We understand that cars get dirty while being driven.  Normal road grime and other dirt substances are a part of driving and we will happily clean that up once the vehicle is returned.  Anything determined to be outside the normal "dirtyness" of driving will result in the renter being required to pay an additional fine for a professional detail to the vehicle.


- Should you rent the vehicle for more than 5 days at a time, we will offer a mobile professional auto detail to come and clean the vehicle for you at a small cost.  A clean car turns heads and we want you to be looking good in a Dream Rentals of San Antonio vehicle.

Can I smoke in the rental?



- Do not try it...we will know...and we will charge you a fee of $750 for smoking in a Dream Rentals of San Antonio vehicle.

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