Privacy Policy

What information do we collect from clients?


To maintain security and peace of mind, Dream Rentals of San Antonio collects the following information from each client. (no exceptions made)


- Full name

- Date of Birth

- Billing address

- Home address

- Email address (reservations, confirmations, events, mailing list)

- Phone number (reservations, confirmations)

- Drivers License number

- Passport (international clientele)

- Insurance carrier and insurance number

- Credit card information (must be a major credit card; 2 credit cards for international clientele)

- Any and all other payment information necessary to fulfill the transaction for the rental


- The information listed above is used solely for the purpose of business transactions between Dream Rentals of San Antonio and Dream Rentals of San Antonio's clientele.  Should you wish to be removed from a mailing list or wish to have your personal information changed at any time, please feel free to give Dream Rentals of San Antonio a call and our client services team will be more than happy to assist you.

Does Dream Rentals of San Antonio sell, share, trade or forward any client information?

- NO


- We understand that privacy is a highly important thing to every person.  To ensure that there is no chance of a client personal information being sold, shared, treaded or forwarded to any third party, all transactions, website modifications, reservations, phone services, email services, and all other aspects of business between Dream Rentals of San Antonio and renters are conducted in-house at Dream Rentals of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX.

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